Which Window Style to Choose for a Modern House

Whether you are renovating your modern home or you are building from scratch, choosing the right style of vinyl windows is often difficult. Fortunately, by understanding a little about each type of window available to you, it is easier for you to discover exactly what works best for your home.

Choosing Window Style for Modern Home - Infographic

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Consider Your Home’s Architecture

The first thing you should consider when it comes to choosing replacement windows in Chicago is the style of your home. Every single home has architecture that makes it unique, and it is important for your windows to follow through on that style. As an example, a classic Tudor-style home usually calls for diamond-shaped windows while a simple ranch home fares best with bay windows in the front along with traditional single- or double-hung windows throughout. It is all about complementing the design of your house.

Think About the Purpose

When you contact your Chicago windows company of choice, be sure to consider the purpose that the windows will serve since different styles serve different purposes. For instance, do you want an outstanding view from your kitchen? If so, you might consider large double-hung windows since these provide outstanding light along with flexibility. Would you rather let light into a small space, such as a bathroom or pantry? A simple casement window may do the trick here, or you could stick to a traditional single-hung option.

Is Ventilation a Concern?

Another thing to think about when you replace windows in Chicago is the amount of ventilation you will need in the space. If you prefer to open the windows regularly, then they must be operable. Conversely, if you want expansive windows that provide an amazing view, such as floor-to-ceiling windows that take up an entire wall, you will need fixed windows. These do not open for ventilation, and you must clean them from the outside.

The Interior Effect

The window style you choose might also allow a view to the inside of your home from the outside, so be sure to consider this as you make your choices. In the bathroom, for instance, you might want to let in lots of light without providing a direct viewing angle from the outside. In your living room, kitchen, and bedroom think about what is most important to you. Walls of windows can make small rooms appear larger, but they might also provide more of a view from the outside than you would like.

Consider the Sun in New Builds

Finally, if you are building your home rather than purchasing replacement windows, it is very important to consider the orientation of the sun at different times of the day. For instance, you would not want large bay windows in the living room if the sun will shine directly into the room late in the afternoon or early in the evening as your family gathers to watch the news. Along the same lines, you would not want tiny windows in areas that see only a little sunlight during the day due to shade or the sun’s position in the sky.

As you can see, plenty of factors should go into choosing windows for your modern home. Your Chicago windows company can help you decide which windows are best for certain applications, and they can even recommend options for aesthetic purposes, too.

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