What Windows to Choose for a Sunroom Addition

What Windows to Choose for a Sunroom Addition - Infographic

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If you’re planning to have a sunroom added to your home, you will want to ensure that the right types of windows are installed. Not only will it enable as much light as possible to enter the new structure; you will be able to enjoy spending time there in comfort all year round. Take a look below at the various types of sunroom windows that you can have installed.

#1 – Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows make a great addition to virtually any sunroom and one of the main benefits of using them is that they are extremely durable. These windows are normally far more affordable than many other types of sunroom windows and have built-in reinforcement consisting of either galvanized steel or aluminum. In addition to requiring very little maintenance, they are available in white and a few other basic colors, enabling home owners to choose one that best suits the rest of their home.

#2 – Clad Windows

Regardless of whether Chicago replacement windows or they are having a brand new sunroom addition built, clad windows can make a great addition to it. These are constructed from wood, but are covered with either aluminum or vinyl siding on the outside, which is available in a range of different colors. This means that they don’t ever require painting, and home owners will be able to enjoy having the look of natural wood grain on the inside and a great-looking white (or other color) exterior that needs little to no maintenance. Clad windows can be a little more expensive than the replacement window options that have been manufactured from vinyl.

#3 – Aluminum Framed Windows

Virtually any window company in Chicago is able to provide aluminum framed windows that can be used on a sunroom addition with tremendous success. It is important to remember though, that aluminum windows are not as good insulators as some other types of sunroom windows. However, they are substantially stronger and more durable, meaning that they can last for many years before needing to be replaced. These may be a good option in climates that do not experience severe temperatures during any time of the year.

#4 – Wooden Framed Windows

Most sunroom additions will look stunning if they are fitted with high quality wooden framed windows, but it is important for home owners to remember that any wood that is exposed to the elements will need to have regular maintenance performed to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. The maintenance schedule for wooden windows should include sanding and varnishing, and in cases where pests are a problem, the wood should be treated to prevent termite damage. If properly cared for, Chicago replacement windows made from wood can last for many years.

#5 – Choosing the Right Panes

When shopping through a window company in Chicago for a replacement window or to complete a sunroom addition, home owners can choose from a range of glass types. These can include single glazed, double-glazed, tempered glass, low E-Glass, argon filled glass and triple pane glass, and installers will be able to inform property owners which type will be best for their particular installation.

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