What Is the Best Season to Replace Windows?

If you are interested in getting replacement windows, the first thing you will need to do is find a reputable windows company. However, it is also important to consider the time of year. In fact, one season is better than any other is when it comes to whole-home windows replacement, and it may actually surprise you.

Best Season to Replace Windows - Infographic

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The Loser: Winter

Winter is the worst possible time for replacement window installation for obvious reasons. The weather turns incredibly cold, and while some companies work very quickly, it is almost impossible to install windows in the freezing weather. What’s more, even if the window company agrees to install your windows during the coldest time of the year, your heating bills will sharply increase. If possible, avoid installing vinyl windows during the winter months in order to ensure not only that the window replacement goes smoothly, but also to ensure your comfort.

Third Place: Summer

Unbelievably, summer comes in at third place on this list. You may wonder why the warm summer months are so terrible for getting windows replacement, but the answer is actually quite simple. The summer months are quite humid, and this humidity tends to seep into the frames around your windows, causing them to swell. Even the most talented window replacement company cannot possibly anticipate the exact change in measurement, so the windows installed in summer may actually contract and buckle during the cold winter months, causing drafts and perhaps even broken windows.

The Runner Up: Spring

The runner up is spring, and the only reason that spring falls into second place is the risk of allergies. When a window company takes down your existing windows, it exposes your home to the outdoors for varying lengths of time. As such, any allergens like pollen and ragweed flow through the open spaces freely, causing affected residents to suffer with itchy eyes, runny noses, and incessant sneezing. What’s more, the rain is often unpredictable during the spring months, and a stray shower could lead to a wet, moldy carpet if there is no window in place.

The Winner: Fall

Finally, the absolute best season to install replacement windows is the fall. This time of year is neither humid nor freezing cold, and there are no allergens flowing freely through the air. Not only can the windows company accurately measure and install your windows without fear of buckling, shrinking, or warping due to weather conditions, but also you will not find yourself or your family sneezing, freezing, or getting wet in your own home. Your local window company is busiest during this time of year, so be sure to call for your quote and schedule your installation ahead of time.

Technically, it is possible to install replacement windows any time of year as long as the company you choose is knowledgeable and capable. However, every season except fall presents its own inherent set of risks, so well informed homeowners choose to wait at least until September to schedule their vinyl windows replacement.

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