Sliding tilt windows

Sliding Tilt Windows in Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Arlington Heights, IL

Our sliding tilt windows provide an unobstructed view of the beautiful outside spaces, while being very easy to operate. Unlike most traditional windows, sliders open horizontally. Homeowners, who seek to improve the aesthetics as well as air ventilation of their homes, can certainly opt in for Climatech’s sliding windows. They not only enhance the looks of your home but also provide great functionality.

Sliders are often chosen because of their convenient operation and minimalistic design.

Besides the aesthetics, our sliding tilt windows offer enhanced security and energy efficiency. Loaded with Cardinal’s Low E glass, performance is guaranteed!

Our Sliding Tilt Windows

Places where sliding tilt windows are commonly used:

Sliding tilt windows work very well on walls where there is not too much vertical heigh, but there is a good amount of horizontal area. They look good in traditionally styled homes as well as modern homes.


Sliding tilt windows have a solid vinyl frame and sashes that increase the efficiency of the window, while adding almost no maintenance. These windows come with a multi-chambered design that provides good insulation and prevents condensation. Due to the titling of the sash in these windows, the exterior cleaning is convenient. The structural integrity of the sliding tilt windows is good.

Points to consider while replacing windows

  • Climatech’s sliding tilt windows provide some great advantages over other types of windows. These are:
    • They have an effortless sliding action, which provides for a smooth operation.
    • They are more energy efficient when compared to the other types of windows.
    • The windows close tightly and firmly.
    • They have an uncomplicated and minimalistic design.
    • They provide an obstructed natural view of the outdoor scenery.
  • Air circulation is better with these windows and the ventilation is refreshingly good.

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