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An amazing option to consider while replacing your windows is the single hung. Without using any interior space, these windows open vertically up and down. Since only one half of the window is mobile, such windows are called single hung windows. Usually, it is the top sash which is fixed while the bottom half moves up and down to be opened.

They are quite cost effective and versatile in their design aspects. Single hungs were very popular back in the day, before double hungs were invented. Now, not too many homeowners opt in for this kind of window, unless they are trying to save some money.

What are Single Hung Windows?

As they have a space saving feature, they are ideal for small rooms. These windows are very popular when compared to double hung windows, mainly due to the cost effectiveness during the installation phase. However, the maintenance costs tend to increase over the years, due to the difficulty in cleaning the top sash of the window.

Places where Single hung windows are commonly used:

The single hung windows are ideally suitable for small rooms such as bathrooms, guest rooms, and studies.


Single hung windows come with a sturdy frame and two sashes, the top sash, and the bottom sash. The top sash is fixed and not movable. The bottom sash moves up and down and can be opened from the bottom.

Points to consider while replacing windows

  • Climatech’s single hung windows score heavily on the affordability aspect. So, this is an option that can be considered when you need a total window replacement
  • The ease of use and the style is good.
  • These windows are a good option to increase the overall appearance and the airflow.

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