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Whether you’re looking for bay windows or bow windows, Climatech Windows and Doors can provide you with the highest quality product. With more than 30 years of experience in the window and door industry, we understand the importance of quality, reliability and beautiful windows.

We proudly serve the Chicago, Aurora, Elgin, Arlington Heights and surrounding regions. At Climatech we work with each of our customers to ensure their absolute satisfaction. We understand that each project is unique, and so we address it this way.

The Difference Between Bay Windows & Bow Windows

We offer a variety of beautiful and durable bay and bow windows that bring more light into your home, expand your view and lower your energy bills due to their incredible energy efficiency.

An attractive alternative to regular windows, the bay window can give an immense aesthetic appeal to your home. With their superior functionality and stunning looks, bay windows are a notch above traditional windows.

Bay windows often form the focal point of the room, giving that extra space and of course, more natural light. These windows add the jazz to your homes. With their beautiful designs and the stunning looks that they provide, it is hard pass on having such a vinyl structural wonder in your home.

Modern homes have bay windows as it gives a contemporary look with its angular lines and flat planes.

Places where Bay windows are commonly used:

Bay windows usually have a deep sill area. And hence, they are generally seen in the living rooms and bedrooms, which are the largest rooms in a home.

They are commonly used to display plants. They also give beautiful views of the landscaping beyond.


A standard bay window has three angles, and it is composed of 3 separate windows that project outwards. This is probably its most distinguishing factor.

Bays have a middle window and two windows on either side. The middle window is fixed such that it is parallel to the wall. The other two windows are fixed at an angle – 30°, 45°, 60°, or 90°. The side windows can be either stationary or operational. The side windows are usually casement or double-hung windows.

Points to consider while replacing windows

  • Bay windows give panoramic views. There is scope of more natural light and proper ventilation with these windows.
  • They add great value to your homes, with their beautiful aesthetic appearance.
  • Despite their great looks, the bay windows, with their tight angles and configurations, make it difficult to install hardware.

Due to the ample natural light that enters through these windows, it is important to go in for energy efficient and good quality glass.

The bow window style became quite popular in the Victorian homes.  They offer a large viewing space that can really open up a home. Adding a bow window where there is none can create an illusion for larger living space. Whether you have a small or a big home, there is always a place for a five piece vinyl bow window from Climatech.

Bow windows enhance the looks of your home, making it even more attractive to the aye. The unique shape and design do wonders not only to the appearance of your home, but to its value as well. These type of windows are known to be a bit more expensive to install, however, they will guarantee an increase of your home’s price.

In addition, our stunning five piece bow windows offer more natural light and ventilation. Since they are double or triple pane, we guarantee that you will not lose any energy. If anything, our windows will help you preserve energy and save money on your gas bills.

Though the bow windows give the same benefits as the bay windows, they are a little different. When building either type, you can use a minimum of three separate windows. In reality, a bow window can consist of up to seven separate windows. However, most people opt in for the standard five piece bow which is more than enough. Unless, of course, you live in a castle. In that case, we can deliver you windows worthy for a king! A

Places where Bow windows are commonly used:

Ideally, bow windows are suitable for large living rooms, which have huge gardens adjacent, providing amazing views.


A prominent feature of the bow windows is the curved and rounded appearance. They extend beyond the exterior walls of the house and generally consist of five windows or more.

Typically, there is larger viewing space as there are no corners and the glass is curved. Bow windows can be casement windows or fixed windows.

Points to consider while replacing windows

  • The bow windows can have picture windows or operational windows depending on the design and look that your home requires.
  • Bow windows offer that extra storage space.
  • They also offer a beautiful seating space, where you can create a cozy little special space.
  • Bow windows are ideal when the rooms face a private area. If the rooms face a public street, then these are not good as they do not provide any privacy.

These are specialty windows, like the bay windows and typically expensive, depending on the material used. But vinyl bow windows are affordable.

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