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A very popular style in windows, the awning window provides great versatility and style to your home. They have a great number of advantages over other type of windows. Awnings are easy to recognize, they have hinges on the top and project outwards. They can open to about 45 degrees, and only stay open from the bottom.

More or less similar to the casement windows, in terms of ventilation, the awning windows are also traditional and popular choice for American home owners. Unlike casements, however, awnings are hinged at the top.

Though they are a popular type of windows that many home buyers opt in for, the maintenance of the awning window is slightly difficult. Luckily for you, we offer maintenance free vinyl windows. Which means, that the only difficulty would come when you decide to wash the window.

More About Awning Windows

Despite being a bit hard to clean because of the way they open, awnings are a great addition to basements and lower floors. They are also very affordable, and at the same time providing ample amount of natural light and ventilation.

Places where Awning windows are commonly used

Awnings can be placed higher on the walls. And hence they are very well suited for rooms with tight spaces such as the cloakrooms, a single washroom or basements, where there is a need for more light and ventilation.


The awning windows have a sturdy frame and a sash. The hinges are placed on the top and they open outwards. The top hinges generally allow for a 45-degree opening from the bottom. The frame is a multi-chambered frame with a neatly contoured profile. We also custom manufacture, so we can practically do any size. As long as the structure allows it.

These windows and their remarkable features provide for a distinct architectural style.

Points to consider while replacing windows

  • When your home needs some more ventilation and light, replacing your windows with awning windows is a great option.  Without compromising on the privacy, awning windows can bring in more light, as they can be placed high on the walls.
  • The disadvantage with these windows is the cleaning and maintenance part.
  • They are relatively cheap and affordable.

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