Top 10 Window Treatments in Texas Homes

Top 10 Window Treatments in Texas Homes - Infographic

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Although few property owners give their house windows a second thought, these fixtures can in fact be spruced up in such a way that they become the focal point of the rooms that they are serving. Here are some of the latest window treatment trends that have taken Texas by storm.

#1 – Window Replacement

Old or shabby-looking windows can make a property look tired and outdated, and they can affect a home’s energy consumption levels as well. Window replacement will give even the most dreary-looking home a much-needed facelift.

#2 – Blinds

The Texan summer sun can rot even the most durable of fabrics, carpets and furnishings. Installing metal window blinds can help keep harsh sunlight at bay, while also adding just the right finishing touch to a room.

#3 – Luxury Curtains

Some home owners prefer curtains over blinds, and one of the latest trends involves hanging curtains made from luxury fabrics such as plush velvet, grosgrain or even pure silk.

#4 – High-Tech Gadgets

Many newer window blinds or light-blocking shades can be operated by means of remote controls these days, providing the ultimate level of convenience and light control. Remote control awnings have also become an immensely popular option.

#5 – Colorful Décor

Although many people want to add a splash of color to a room, they often aren’t sure how to do so without going overboard. However, using colorful drapes and blinds can add the ideal finishing touch to any room.

#6 – Sheer Curtains and Shades

These are able to provide a relatively high degree of privacy without making the room in question too dark inside. When plain and/or lighter colored sheer curtains and blinds are used, it can make smaller rooms appear more airy and spacious.

#7 – Blue and White Finishes

Few color combinations are able to make windows look as clean, crisp and clear as that of blue and white curtains, drapes or blinds. When teamed with décor such as seashells and other beach-related items, it can make a room feel relaxing and peaceful.

#8 – Bamboo Accessories

In addition to having a windows company replace drafty panes and frames, bamboo roll-up or awning blinds can add a great finishing touch to just about any room.

#9 – Green Options

Insulated curtains, drapes and blinds help keep harsh sunlight at bay, while also ensuring that warmth is kept inside homes during cooler months. Many new fabric options for curtains and blinds are now non-toxic as well, making them a good choice for environmentally conscious home owners.

#10 – Stripes and Bold Prints

One of the easiest ways to make windows the focal point of any room is to hang blinds or curtains that have bold prints, stripes or abstract designs on them.

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