How to Tell if Your Old Windows are Causing Moldy Walls

How to Tell if Your Old Windows are Causing Moldy Walls

If you have noticed that mold spots seem to be developing on the walls in and around your home, chances are that older house windows could be responsible. Take a look at some of the warning signs below that could be an indication of it being time to perform window replacement on your home.

#1 – They no longer open

As windows get older, many of them become extremely difficult to open and close, which often results in home owners simply leaving them shut permanently. While this can provide somewhat of a short-term solution, windows that can no longer open will not enable air to flow sufficiently throughout the house. When air flow is obstructed, it provides the ideal breeding ground for mold to grow on walls – and in other areas.

#2 – They leak

In many cases, older windows will not seal as well as they should, and this can cause them to let in water and moisture when it rains or snows. If you notice small pools or puddles of water around windows during inclement weather, this could be a sign that you need to get a professional windows company in to perform an assessment and provide an estimate to replace them. Although it is possible for all types of windows to leak, those installed on sloped roofs such as attic windows can be especially vulnerable to leaking if they don’t seal properly.

#3 – The windows themselves are moldy

Another sign that window replacement may be required is when mold starts to develop on the panes and frames – especially where wooden frames are concerned. Once the mold has set in on these, it will quickly spread to your home’s walls, where will cause an immense amount of damage if not treated quickly.

#4 – Windows fog up during winter

When windows that previously never used to fog up during winter suddenly start doing so, the dampness from them can move on to walls, which will in turn cause mold to start growing on them. If you are experiencing this in your home, it may be time to have windows replacement carried out on the affected panes and frames.

#5 – Dealing with the mold

Many people don’t give mold a second thought – until it damages their clothing, carpeting or furniture and negatively affects their health in the process. However, this toxin can cause an array of issues such as itchy eyes, respiratory conditions, allergic symptoms, tiredness, irritability, brain fog and even joint pains. While small patches of mold on walls and other non-fabric surfaces can be eliminated with pure bleach, treatment of larger patches is best left to experts, as this will prevent a recurrence in future.

Windows replacement is not a project that home owners should put off, especially if mold is developing in their properties. If you are looking for a reliable windows company to perform this task quickly and efficiently, look no further than our team here at Climatech Windows & Doors.

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