How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?

If you are considering upgrading your windows to save money on energy bills or update the overall aesthetic appeal of your home – or even both – then you probably have some questions about how much it costs to do so. Fortunately, several leading sources of consumer information provide clear details about the costs associated with replacing Chicago vinyl windows.

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The Average Cost

According to, one of the leading sites for consumer pricing information, the average cost of replacement windows in the United States is $4,754. To break this down further, the average cost for homeowners who replace fewer than five windows is $2,219, the cost for those who replace between five and 10 windows is $4,917, and the cost for those who purchase more than 10 replacement windows is about $14,504. Several different things affect these numbers, including window sizes, sash materials, installation charges, and even the panes themselves.

Installation Costs

Several leading consumer advisory groups agree that the cheapest way to get your replacement windows is to purchase them from the same company who installs them. The more windows you purchase, the less the installation costs. Finally, keep in mind that some companies will only install their windows. If you purchase windows elsewhere, expect to pay more for the installation and have a harder time finding someone to do it. Professionals who work with the same types of windows day in and day out provide faster, higher-quality service at a cheaper rate. Thus, contact an Chicago windows company who provides their own exceptional windows if you want the best deals.

Window Sizes

While you might expect to pay more for bigger windows and less for smaller replacement windows, remember that odd-sized windows can cost you a little more, too. In this case, the manufacturer needs to customize the window for you, which requires additional time and resources – especially if your window company uses its own proprietary window brand. In this case, give the company a few weeks to manufacture the odd window sizes, and expect to shell out a little more for your custom window.

Window Panes

Finally, remember that when you replace windows in Chicago, you have several different options available as far as panes go. You will want to pay close attention to something called the U-factor, which ultimately describes the particular window’s energy efficiency. Double pane windows are more expensive than their single pane counterparts are, but they can pay for themselves in short order in terms of energy savings, and they keep your home more comfortable all year round. According to experts, double panes may save you 18% on energy costs in summer and up to 24% in the winter.

Remember that while it is possible to calculate the average cost of vinyl windows, your actual costs may vary based on all of the aforementioned factors. Be certain to ask for an estimate before you hire an Chicago windows company so you know exactly what to expect along the way.

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