Distinguishing Features of High Quality Vinyl Windows

Are you planning to replace your old windows with vinyl ones? Great choice! Surely, first of all, vinyl windows will reduce your energy bills and lower your house maintenance. Moreover, in the course of time you will see many other benefits they will give you. However and unfortunately, not all vinyl windows on sale are of good quality. If you want to be able to distinguish features of high quality vinyl windows, check out useful tips from the following infographic.

Distinguishing Features of High Quality Vinyl Windows

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In recent years, you’ve probably heard people discussing the benefits of vinyl windows. In fact, the debate over which type of window is the best is still ongoing. Although vinyl windows typically win out in just about every single scenario, this is only true when the windows are of excellent quality. Below, you can learn the features you should look for in order to make sure that you’re getting the best windows your money can buy.

1 – The Vinyl “Recipe”

Creating vinyl is something like baking a cake. When you get the ingredients just right in a cake, you end up with the perfect texture and taste. When you get the ingredients just right in vinyl, you end up with a structurally strong substance that can last for years on end. In fact, many vinyl window companies put in their own ingredients, such as titanium dioxide, which makes the vinyl heat resistant, just to add more quality. Although two windows from two different companies may look exactly alike on the outside, it’s what is on the inside that truly matters.

2 – The Right Fit

Whether your window opening is a standard size or something a little more unique, it is important that the window you purchase fits snugly in the opening. Remember that there is some deviation in sizes across all window manufacturers, too, based on the molds used to create the vinyl. You’ll want to find a manufacturer that makes its windows as close to the opening size as possible. In theory, the window should be no more than 1/18th of an inch smaller than the opening in order to provide you with the best fit.

3 – Multiple Frame and Sash Chambers

A vinyl window frame contains many individual chambers that provide structural support over the years. Think of it like your home: without the interior walls supporting the roof, your roof would begin to sag in time due to settling and weather. The chambers inside of a vinyl window frame are much like the walls in your home. They work to provide structure and stop deformation due to weight or the heat of the sun. The more chambers in a window frame, the better the quality.

4 – A Welded Frame

Finally, you need to take a look at the process used to seal the window frame. Manufacturers of budget windows will often use screws, brackets, and caulk to seal their windows. Although this works out well, it does not last since caulk tends to dry out and even rot over time. Instead, look for windows with welded frames. The unique welding technique chemically seals the window frame together, providing a seal that will not rot or break over time. This ensures that your windows last for decades with little to no maintenance required.

High-quality vinyl windows have several distinguishing characteristics, but it is up to you to ask about them and even look for them yourself. You want to find windows with an excellent vinyl recipe, the right fit, multiple chambers, and a welded frame to provide you with the best results year after year.

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