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Climatech is strategically positioned in Chicago, but we also service all of its surrounding areas.

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Working with Climatech Windows & Doors

No matter where you live, sooner or later your old windows will need replacement. That is unless you’ve already got the Climatech windows. In this case, you can sit back and relax within the comfort of your home.

It is unfortunate that modern builders use cheap vinyl when they build new homes. For this reason, the average life of a newly built home’s windows is around 10 years. In most cases even less.

The climate in Chicago and its surrounding areas is classified as humid continental. What this means, is that there are large seasonal temperature fluctuations. We have hot summers and cold winters, while still able to enjoy spring and fall. While the location allows for all four seasons to be fully admired, the sudden differences in temperatures affect the durability of vinyl windows.

It is important to remember that choosing replacement windows is not always just about looks. Sturdiness and performance of the windows are essential factors to be considered. However, their performance is strongly dependent on the area of the country. The same type of vinyl product can age differently in different locations across the United States.

We are your Chicago Window Company

Being a part of the Midwest, Chicago often faces hot summers, subzero winters, and whipping winds. In this kind of weather, the worst type of window you can have is aluminum. Even though they seem to be strong and solid, aluminum windows will transfer thermal energy.

In order to be energy efficient and survive the Chicago weather, you need windows with low emissivity coating glass and gas filling. Single pane windows are completely out of the question. This is why at Climatech we do not even carry those.

There are two metrics that you should look at when selecting your vinyl replacement windows: U-Value and SHGC value. The former measures the amount of heat that is transferred through the window. While SHGC stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient and it measures the amount of solar radiation that is being passed through the window.

For the climate in Chicago and its surrounding areas, the recommended U-value is 0.3 or lower. The lower the U-value number, the better your window will be at keeping the heat or the cold out. Hence, it will save you energy because it will help regulate the temperature in your home without having to touch the thermostat.

SHGC works the opposite way. You need a higher level in order to ensure that enough solar radiation passes through the glass. In cold climates this gives your home natural solar heating.

There are three other factors that play a huge role in picking the right windows. These are namely your home’s orientation, shading conditions and window area. In order to determine the best window type for your house, you need to consider all three.

The easiest way to do this is have one of our professionals come by your home for a free consultation. We have been replacing windows in Chicago for over 30 years. Our product is perfect for the climate and we have many happy customers who can affirm this.

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