3 Ways to Protect Your Home in Winter

Harsh winter weather conditions can be hard and dangerous both for you and your property. Extreme temperatures and winter storms can threaten your house’s structure and cause cracks all over the building. If you want to avoid costly home repairs, you should know how to winterize your home properly. Take a look at our latest infographic to find out how you can protect your home in winter.

3 Ways to Protect Your Home in Winter

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Protecting Your Home From Harsh Winter Cold

You may love the look of a winter wonderland and dream of a white Christmas, but that bucolic scenery can actually put a beating on your home. The snow drifts can pile on your roof and around your foundation, putting pressure on the structure and spreading water damage. You could quickly spring leaks all the way from floor to ceiling. Ice can cause damage to the structure, and the extreme temperatures can cause cracks all over.

Doing some basic maintenance and making some upgrades to your home can protect it during even the most extreme winters. Here are the top three things you can do to protect your home in the winter:

Clean the Gutters

When the gutters are working properly, they divert water away from your home and prevent serious damage. Clogged gutters can send water up onto the roof and allow it to pool around the foundation. During the winter, clogged gutters can create ice dams at the edge of the roof. That could lead to broken shingles or tiles, damaged underlayment, and serious leaks in the roof.

Install Vinyl Windows

Winter weather doesn’t just pose a threat to your home with damage from ice and snow. It also puts a real strain on your heating system, sending your energy costs through the roof. Installing vinyl windows will drastically improve the energy efficiency of your home. Vinyl windows provide an additional layer of insulation thanks to the double panes of glass that are padded with pockets of air. Some vinyl windows even have triple layers of glass.

Vinyl windows are also maintenance-free, so you don’t have to worry about air leaking out because the frame has warped or rotted. So long as you maintain the seals around the frame, the windows will provide a strong layer of protection for your home.

Choose the Right Roof

Asphalt shingle roofs are popular because they are economical and have a good life span. However, they are also vulnerable to cracking, loosening and leaking from temperature changes and ice. Clay tile or a metal roof are better choices. They stand up to damage from the weather, and they are energy efficient.

Making the appropriate upgrades to your home can help protect it all winter long. Check out American Windows to get great deals on energy-efficient vinyl windows, and work with a contractor on selecting the right roof.

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