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Climatech specializes in windows and doors replacements for the residential markets in Chicago and its surrounding areas. We specialize in energy efficient vinyl windows, patio doors, as well as steel and fiberglass entrance doors.


At Climatech we strive towards excellence and continuous growth. The company’s main tools for success have always been innovation and creativity. As a long term resident of Chicago, Climatech has developed great relationships with its residents. As such, we have established ourselves as one of the most consumer trusted windows and doors replacement companies in the Windy City.

At Climatech, we are innovators and problem solvers. We come to work every day in order to better our products and our customer service. Our mission is to make aesthetically pleasing, energy efficient products that make economic and financial sense to the residents of Chicago and its surrounding areas. What makes Climatech special, is our dedication to customer relationship and our ability to learn from our previous experiences with our customers.

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Dealing with Climatech was perhaps one of the best decisions I have made so far this year. From day one, when we received our quote, to post installation, this company has managed to live up to their word and our high standards. We replaced 14 windows and two entrance doors with Climatech. The process was extremely smooth. At no point were we rushed to make a rash decision of any sorts. The installation was scheduled four weeks after we signed the contract. The date was honored, and everything was completed within a few hours. Special thanks to Alex’s installation crew for the amazing job that they did.

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Frequently asked questions about Windows

How to Tell if Your Old Windows are Causing Moldy Walls

Have you caught sight of mold on the walls in your home? Surely, that’s disappointing news, but instead of removing these spots you should look into the reasons for mold. Several things can cause it, however, in most cases old and inefficient windows are to blame. To make sure that your windows are that very root of the problem, you can check their condition for a few obvious indications. These signs are listed in the following article. So with the help of this information you’ll be able to find ways of solving the problem of moldy walls in your home.

Top 10 Windows Treatments in Texas Homes

If you aren’t fully satisfied with the windows in your Texas house, you’re likely to start thinking of window replacement. Certainly, there are cases when the best solution it to install new and much more efficient windows. But before you make your final decision, it might be a good idea to learn available options to save and improve your existing windows, for example, with the help of different treatments. Although there are many of them, in the following article you’ll find 10 best window fixtures that will definitely spruce up the entire look of your home. Make sure you check them out!

What Are the 3 Most Popular Window Types in 2016?

Are you planning to upgrade your home with new windows this year? If yes, our latest post will definitely come in handy for you! Take a look at our new informative infographic to find out what window types will be in trend in 2016!

What Windows to Choose for a Sunroom Addition

Would you like to enhance your home by adding a sunroom? You will definitely end up with a bunch of benefits. But before this, it’s a good idea to think over a design of your sunroom. Since this addition is supposed to attract much light, window choice is one of the most important things to consider. Today you can find a lot of window options on offer, but not all of them are suitable for sunrooms and can provide sufficient effectiveness. If you want to save your time by studying pros and cons of main window types for a sunroom to choose the best one, this infographic is here for you.

5 Tips to Stop Condensation on Windows

Regardless of the type of windows in your house, you may face the problem of condensation that forms in them. Why does that happen? In fact, the main reason is that the temperature inside your home and outside differs considerably. No doubt, you can’t influence the weather and its sharp changes, however, you can take some simple but effective steps to reducing the condensation on your windows. If you’re interested in learning five tried and true hints to extend the life of your windows and minimize discomfort in your home, you are welcome to check out the following infographic.

5 Steps to Prepare your Windows and Doors for the Spring

Spring is a wonderful season, isn’t it? Unfortunately, along with all its beauty come constant weather changes. Now it may be warm and the sun may be shining brightly, but in a moment out of the blue there comes a cold wind gust. No doubt, these adverse weather conditions can deeply affect your windows and lessen their efficiency. But is it possible to prepare the windows in your house for the spring? Sure! In this article you will find helpful tips on getting your windows ready for upcoming weather shifts. Make sure the spring will bring you joy and delight.

Distinguishing Features of High Quality Vinyl Windows

Beyond all doubt, vinyl windows are now becoming more and more popular. As a matter of fact, this type of windows can provide you with a wide range of benefits. The most significant advantage is that they make your house more efficient on all sides. Nonetheless, even among vinyl windows there are better and less qualitative options. So how to be sure that you are going to install the right vinyl windows? Luckily, there are some useful guidelines that will help you out. Hurry up to learn them in the following post and get to know how to distinguish features of high quality vinyl windows.

How to Choose between Wood and Vinyl when Replacing Windows

Take a look at the following infographic to find out what are the pros and cons of wooden and vinyl windows and select the best option for your home improvement project.

Door and Window Replacement Hardware

The security of your home depends largely on the type of hardware that you choose for your windows and doors. Discover our latest infographic to find out more about different types of replacement hardware and learn how to select the right one for your home’s windows and doors.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace Windows?

If you are planning to replace windows in your home the first step you should take is to estimate the cost of this home improvement project to ensure it works with your budget. When it comes to calculating the cost of windows replacement there are several factors that every homeowner should take into account. Take a look at the following post to understand how much does it cost to replace windows in your Chicago home.

Which Window Style to Choose for a Modern House?

Choosing the right type of windows that match your homes′ architectural design is not an easy task. If you are thinking about changing out windows in your contemporary style house look at these tips to find out which options will be the best for you.

Vinyl Windows Installation: Do-It-Yourself or Hire a Pro?

In case you are thinking about replacing your old outdated windows with new modern units, you may be asking yourself a question: Should I handle this task myself or hire professionals? Read the following post to find out what are the pros and cons of DIY window replacement and decide whether this option is right for you and your home.

What Is the Best Season to Replace Windows?

When it comes to planning a whole-home windows replacement, it is very important to choose the right time of the year to start this home improvement project. Click here to find out what season is the best to replace windows in your home.

Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Replacement Windows Company

If you are thinking about replacing windows in your home, you may ask yourself a question: How to find the most reliable windows company? Take a look at our new post to learn what things you should take into account when searching for windows replacement company.

How Vinyl Windows Increase a Home′s Total Value?

Replacing your old windows with modern, energy-efficient models will have a great positive effect on the total value of your home. Click here to find out how new vinyl windows can boost the sales price of your property.

How to Replace Windows at Home?

When considering renovation, it’s a good idea to research the specific needs of a home. And if you know what you are doing and want to replace windows all by yourself consider the following infographic and article.

How to protect a home in winter?

Extreme winter temperatures can threaten your home′s structure and cause extensive internal damage. Check out our infographic to find 3 ways to protect your property in winter.

What are the pros and cons of different types of windows?

Looking for new windows for your home? Take a look at our new infographic to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of windows and make an informative choice.

What are the benefits of casement vinyl windows?

Modern casement vinyl windows come in a great variety of styles and colors that make them so popular among US homeowners. Click here to find out more about the top benefits of casement windows.

Single-Hung or Double-Hung Windows?

New vinyl windows can make your house look and perform better. Check our new post to find out what things you should consider to select the right type of vinyl windows for your home!

How to maintain windows and doors?

Take a look at our new infographic and find useful tips to make your windows and doors last longer. Learn more about how to maintain and clean your windows properly.

What are the top benefits of entry door replacement?

New entry door can make your house safe, stylish and eco-friendly! In our new infographic you will find out more about the top 4 benefits of entry door replacement.

Should I consider a front door replacement?

Want to make wise and cost-effective investment in your home? Check our infographic on front door replacement and learn more about the benefits of this home improvement project.

What are the benefits of windows replacement?

Doors and windows have a big impact on the overall welfare of any home and its occupants. Replacing them at the right time will lead to cost savings, better comfort, and less wasted energy. Check out our latest infographic for more reasons why you should keep your windows and doors in top condition.

My windows leak. Is this okay?

Want to lower your energy bills? Check the infographic to learn more about simple yet effective energy-saving solutions for your home. Consume energy wisely and save a lot of money!

What causes condensation on windows? Is it bad?

Condensation usually forms on windows when there is excess moisture in the air inside the home. This moisture can come from dripping faucets, cooking, indoor clothes drying, faulty plumbing, showers and baths, poor ventilation and a number of other sources. Severe condensation can cause damage to the wood, plaster and paint around the windows. In order to reduce this condensation, you’ll need to control the humidity level in your home. As the temperature outside the home drops, the humidity level inside needs to be decreased to stop condensation.

How can I improve the energy-efficiency of my windows?

There are a few things that you can do to make your windows more energy-efficient. One way is to close your curtains as needed. Closing your curtains can protect you from cold drafts and also prevent the sunlight from getting in your home and heating it up. Whether you should open or close your curtains at different times of the day often depends on where you live and which direction your windows face.

You can also use reflective film or curtains to keep the hot light of the sun from entering your home and heating it up. If you have older windows or single pane windows, you may want to consider window replacement in order to improve the energy-efficiency of your home. Newer windows are much more energy-efficient.

Which windows should I buy for my home? Vinyl windows? Aluminum windows?

The answer to this question is different for every homeowner. However, in general, vinyl windows offer the best mix of affordability and energy-efficiency. While aluminum windows are generally less expensive, they do not typically provide the same energy-saving benefits of vinyl windows. Also, you will want to consider windows that are marked with the ENERGY STAR® label as these windows will reduce your home energy costs compared to other products

What sort of warranty do you offer on your windows?

We offer a lifetime transferable warranty on all windows that we install. All hardware is warranted against defect by the manufacturer for the life of the product.